U.S. Ayrshire Breeders Foundation


  • Chairman, Neal Smith, Smyrna, TN 615-417-0759
  • Treasurer, Sharon Tentinger, Remsen, IA 712-786-2302
  • Doug Fenton, Winchester, OH 937-205-1209
  • John Rodgers, Belleville, PA 717-250-8010
  • Dick Witter, Mehoopany, PA 717-250-1399


US Ayrshire Breeders’ Foundation News - July 2016

COLUMBUS, OH – The US Ayrshire Breeders’ Foundation reported exciting news at the National Ayrshire Convention in Oklahoma City, OK on Thursday, June 16, 2016. The Foundation, still in its infancy, has received $53,800 in donations from individuals and businesses, and has a current fund balance over $61,000.

The committee announced that three grants will be awarded in 2016.

The University of West Virginia will receive $3,000 for an Ayrshire research project. The study will involve comparing feed efficiencies of Ayrshires and Holsteins in the University’s dairy herd. They will also analyze DHIA test day data from herds with both Ayrshires and Holsteins to document competitiveness between breeds. The study will take approximately two years to complete.

The Foundation will award $2,500 for the 2016 World Ayrshire Conference. Specifically the funds will be used to sponsor parts of the business and education sessions to be held on September 30-October 1, 2016 at the Dells, WI.

A grant of $1,000 will be awarded to the Ayrshire Breeders’ Association for the continued advancement of Ayrshire genomics testing.

In its reorganization meeting following the ABA’s annual meeting, the committee elected Neal Smith of Smyrna, TN to serve as chairman for the next year. Sharon Tentinger of Remsen, IA will continue as treasurer. John Rodgers, Belleville, PA; John Dalton, Hartland, WI; and Doug Fenton, Winchester, OH round out the committee.


News - January 2016 ~ Foundation Solicits 2016 Grant Applications

The U.S. Ayrshire Breeders Foundation has $3,000 in grant funds available for 2016. The funds can be used for: breed advancement (genetics or promotion), breed development (program development or youth education) and international development in the Ayrshire breed.

Grant application can be obtained from the Ayrshire Breeders’ Association office at 1224 Alton Darby Creek Rd., Suite B, Columbus, Ohio 43228; online at; or by calling 614-335-0020. Applications from industry, educational institutions, groups or individuals will be accepted and are due by May 15, 2016.

Foundation Newsletter (pdf format)

Why the need for an Ayrshire Foundation?
To allow the U.S. Ayrshire Breeders’ Association to:
• Educate
• Conduct Research
• Promote Awareness
• Breed Improvement

What specifically will the funds be used for?
Ayrshire Breed Advancement
• Genetics
• Promotion
Ayrshire Breed Development
• Program Development
• Youth Education
International Development


To raise sufficient funds to significantly enhance the development of the Ayrshire breed, its programs and its people.

Vision - Mission

To be a valued resource in the enhancement of the U.S. Ayrshire Breeders’ Association, its cattle, its membership and its youth.

Who is responsible?

The U.S. Ayrshire Breeders Foundation Committee is responsible to oversee and administer the fund. A professional advisor is engaged to provide investment strategies.

How it works

All funds donated go into the Foundation’s investment account. On December 31st of each year, determination is made as to the fund’s earnings for the prior calendar year. Distributions in any calendar year as authorized shall not exceed 5% as of December 31st in the preceding year with the balance of any earnings remaining to enhance the balance of the Foundation. This distribution shall be from the earnings of the fund and the principle shall not be dispersed. Applications for grants can be made after January 1st of each year to the secretary of the Foundation Committee.

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