A.B.A. Youth Program

The involvement of youth in the Ayrshire breed is the entire focus of the National Ayrshire Youth Program, sponsored by the National Ayrshire Youth Committee. Recognizing the integral part youth play in the future development of the Ayrshire breed, numerous programs have been developed to interest all ages of Ayrshire enthusiasts. These programs are specifically designed to facilitate leadership development, as well as foster a myriad of educational opportunities for their successful future in the dairy industry.

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National Ayrshire Youth Membership

To become a national Ayrshire youth member, you must have at least one registered Ayrshire recorded in your name and on file at the Ayrshire Breeders' Association, or have an official Ayrshire lease project. A completed application form and payment of a $10 membership fee must be sent to the ABA office.

Once a member you an take advantage of our youth centered programs.

National Ayrshire Scholarship

  • Scholarship Application (pdf file)

    Higher education is a valuable asset to all youth. The national youth committee recognizes this by awarding an annual scholarship to graduating high school seniors intending to major in an agricultural related field.