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All-American Contest Complete Results

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2021 Rewards Program Application


2020 Annual Meeting News

Ayrshire Trophy & Total Performance Winner
Reinholts Burdette Anneka-ET, EX-93 2E
4-02 34,310M 6.9% 2374F 3.6% 1237P (50,869ECM)
2020 ABA Annual Meeting News

Cindy Crawford (left) and Bettelee Crawford
2020 ABA Master Breeder Recipients

Gordon Huntington (left) and Linwood Huntington
2020 ABA Master Breeder Recipients

Gordon and Arlene Conant
2020 ABA Distinguished Service Recipients

Mark, Michael & Evan Creek
2020 ABA Young Breeder Recipients


May 2020 Classification Sign-Up

The May classification tour will be in the states of MN, ND, SD, IA, NE, KS, IL. The deadline to sign up is March 1st. Please take note of the fee schedule. If you are not enrolled in REWARDS, the minimum sign-up fee will be enforced. Checks may be sent with the application, or you may call the ABA office to pay with debit or credit cards.
Classification Application (pdf format)


Applicants Wanted For Ayrshire Internship

Applications are being accepted for the 2020 Susan Edwards Ayrshire Summer Intern. The deadline is March 30, 2020. Please contact the ABA office with questions.
2020 Ayrshire Intern Announcement (pdf format)


2020 Ayrshire REWARDS Program

The discount deadline for the 2020 REWARDS program is approaching! The final deadline is March 31, 2020.
2020 Ayrshire REWARDS Program Application (pdf format)


Winter Directors and Committee Meeting Updates
With the 2020 New Year comes renewed commitment from your Board of Directors and committee members to provide programs and services for breed progress in the future. Directors, committee members and staff met in Columbus, Ohio recently for the winter meetings. There was great discussion and some updates to share with you as we head into 2020.

A great brainstorming session revolved around breed programs that give members service and value while being cost effective for the Association. The board considered adding a new program; yet at the end of the day, it was concluded that the Rewards Program is simply a great program that gives tremendous value to our breeders regardless of individual priorities or herd size. We encourage every breeder to pencil out your own circumstances to see if the Rewards Program would serve you well. If you have registrations to catch up, don’t forget that participating in the Rewards Program gives you a 50 percent discount on all aged registration applications. While you are enrolled in Rewards, all family accounts are linked giving you the advantage of not worrying about which are member accounts versus non-member accounts. You will also never be charged over-age fees for registrations while enrolled in Rewards!

The fee schedule was reviewed, and adjustments were made in a few areas. Rewards herds will pay $19 per cow effective January 1st. The classification program saw the most change. Rewards herds will continue to enjoy the benefits of classifying two times per year under the program rules for 2020. Members who are not on Rewards will pay $15 per cow or a minimum $125 herd fee. Non-members will now pay $20 per cow or a minimum $150 herd fee. If a breeder classifies more than one breed, the minimum herd fee will be split between the breed associations. If you elect to request a special classification outside of the normal rotation for your state, the fee is $500 plus $20 per cow. There will also be a $100 fee for cancellations and late sign-ups.

The Breed Improvement Committee spent time discussing Ayrshire data and why it is so important to encourage our breeders to participate on official test and to report data. The critical discussion point was that because we have a low number of Ayrshire herds reporting, negative numbers can be incorrectly skewed. To increase the reliability of our information, we must have more data. As was reported after the summer meeting, we are placing priority on calving ease, incidence of mastitis, all inseminations (not just the most recent), and hoof care/lameness.

The Show Committee had an active meeting. The process to be included on the approved judges list is changing. Judges who wish to be included can now fill out an application prior to approval from the committee. The 100,000 pound class at all national shows and for the All-American contest will be changed to the Component Merit Class. The requirements to show in this class are to have produced at least 100,000 pounds of milk, or a combined fat and protein total of 7,500 pounds or more.

The Classification Committee reviewed the linear breakdowns for stature. The committee members feel the numbers need to reflect the current Ayrshire population. The scoring breakdowns were updated to: 3 – 53”, 5 – 55”, 7 – 57” and 9 – 59”. We will continue to emphasize that all first and second lactation cows must be scored at the time every breeder classifies.

The Promotion Committee reviewed activities over the past year and felt that all were successful. Two projects are currently going to be emphasized for 2020. Chairman Tom Gillette would like a video produced that can be run on RFD TV. We will explore possibilities for this, and Gay Rodgers has agreed to participate in the FarmHer series to feature Ayrshires. They will film at her farm when in the area. The ABA will also work closely with Dairy Agenda Today staff to continue improvements to The Angle magazine. Committee members will assist with articles.

The Youth Committee wins the award for the most inspiring new ideas for 2020. They are changing the national queen contest to an ambassador contest. Their goal is to have an ambassador and three delegates who can participate at breed activities across the country to give them experience to become future breed leaders. The committee plans to feature different youth each month on the Ayrshire youth Facebook page. The display contest is being developed to include an advertising contest for intermediate and senior aged youth. New fund raising projects will also be revealed as the year progresses.

The Association has great goals for the coming year, including greater emphasis on getting more animals genomic tested. We will report our progress as we go.

If you need assistance, please contact a director or the ABA office staff.